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The Colourful People at ADC
24 Apr 2009

A Nepalese Mother & Child A Bhutanese Mother & Child A westerner Mother & Child A Nepalese Mother & Child
Two Ladakhi women holding kata awaiting the arrival of His Holiness A Ladakhi woman praying earnestly during lunch break
Dorje Wangchok talking to his friend while turning the pray wheel A local sitting alone engaging in his pray oblivious to the surrounding A Ladakhi woman chose to sit alone away from the crowd The Ladakhi coustume with intricate and colourful design
Twins sisters or just similar dressing? Quenching her thirst Finger licking good! One of the hot favourite in ADC, ice cream!
A Ladakhi participant What a wonderful feeling after a good meal! One of the vietnamese nuns who is responsible for all the great decorations around ADC Little Khandro from Vietnam
Jigme Kelgang from Taiwan with a nun Lama and young lama sharing a prayer text Lama standing tall among the crowd Ga Rinpoche listening to the translations
Vietnamese registrants in thier traditional costume Drukpa Hong Kong Sanghas in Tibetan dresses Registrant from Hong Kong in a Chinese dress Winsome Lam from Hong Kong, one of the volunteers of ADC
Ashi Kesang from Bhutan with one of her team's volunteer Kyabje Sey Rinpoche having jovial conversation with Drukpa Hong Kong volunteers Volunteer from Drukpa France Volunteer from Drukpa France making sure everything is ok
The official photographer of ADC, Cindy Chan in action Some of the volunteers from Bhutan Dr Tiery with the Bhutanese volunteers It's great to be part of ADC!


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6 Dec 2009

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8 Jul 2009

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2 May 2009

The Colourful People at ADC

24 Apr 2009

A Kora Led By His Holiness at Swayambunath

16 Apr 2009

Conclusion Of ADC

15 Apr 2009
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Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha Druk Tharpa Choling, Pulau Pinang (Reg. 679)